Benny the Bionic Puppy

Brandon's toon pet.

Benny the Bionic-Puppy (a.k.a. TokusouHound) is the pet of Brandon The Hedgehog and a good friend of his. He is a cyborg dog who can walk on two legs, speak human, and see color.


Benny is loyal, playful, and aggressive. He likes Brandon, playing fetch, bacon, being scratched between his ears, Brandon's jokes, toons, and jellybeans. He dislikes the dip, dog whistles, Brandon in trouble, cats, vacuums, and people who hate dogs.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like all toons, Benny is immune to physical abuse but not dip. He has bionically enhanced combat skills, speed, the ability to speak english just as well as he speaks dog, the ability to see color, strength, and powerful barking.

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