RG (Robot Guardian) Gizoid Model #123+456*789 (a.k.a. Jiyuuvenger) is a sentient robot made by the Knothole Freedom Fighters with collaboration of Brandon to act as a special 11th Jiyuutaiger. While resembling a heavily advanced Cybertronian knight and been filled with Mobibendum mixed with Toontanium . It makes it's debut in the Dave Felis vs. Sly Cooper Trilogy.


BistoKnight was a project Sally and the Knothole Freedom Fighters were working on with help from Brandon and his team in the event that Team C.A.T. need an extra hand. Dave witnessed Jiyuuvenger's creation from an air vent (because Ryo accidentally pushed Dave into a ventilation shaft earlier despite Jake's accusation of the "Fool of a Blue" being the cause of "the not-so-sharpest-tool-in-the-shed-ity."). At first, Dave thought that the Knothole Freedom Fighters were fixing Emerl and painted him brown. Later, after Well Done had succeeded in capturing Team C.A.T. (minus Dave) and attempted to execute them, Dave, Brandon, his team, and the Transformrangers appeared just in time to rescue them. However, Well Done proved himself to be more than a match for both teams. Just when Well-Done seen victory, it was then that Sally Acorn (managed to reveal herself from the shadows) introduced Well Done to his equivalant, Jiyuuvenger. Jiyuuvenger proved to be a perfect match for Well Done in terms of fighting. Well Done couldn't defeat Jiyuuvenger, nor could Jiyuuvenger defeat Well Done (but enough for the heroes to escape thanks to the Downunda Freedom Fighters who manage to create a smoke bomb, single-handily pummel the villains, and rescued Dave's team unconsciously.), meaning that they were evenly matched down to the last detail.

At the end of the Dave Felis vs. Sly Cooper Trilogy, Jiyuuvenger was declared the eleventh Jiyuutaiger and joined Team C.A.T. in Mobius to assist them in their future battles.


Being a robot, Jiyuuvenger is silent, intelligent, and emotionless. Despite being made with the most efficient robot technology ever, it was never given vocal capabilities. It's bound by it's programming to serve justice, which made it very loyal to the Bistorangers. Brandon reveals that this is because BistoKnight is in the prototype stage and is not ready for emotions yet. After BistoKnight's upgrade, it's given the admirable traits of a knight.

Transformation Edit

In his normal state, Jiyuuvenger resembles a Gizoid named S-QY-R. When transformed, the small robot merges into a mobile ride armor called "Bobbyface" which turns him into Jiyuuvenger, which later in turn becomes the head of Jiyuuvenger Robo.

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