Cameron Becnel (human)

Cameron Becnel

TransformRed 3.0

Cameron's Optimus suit (TransformRed)

TransformRed battlizer 3.0

TransformRed Prime

Red Transformzord O-P

Optimus Prime: Cam's half father and main mech

Cameron Becnel (a.k.a. TransformRed) is the main protagonist of Henshin Sentai Transformranger and the leader of the Transformranger team. 


Cameron. Who is best known as the popular kid since he has lots of friends like Logan, Sean, Brooke and the new kid Ryoma , but one day he saw a werid ambulance that changed into a robot, so Cameron and his friends followed the ambulance that was Ratchet. Orginally Ratchet was going to erase Cameron and his friend's memory but after hearing the story of the Transformers, Cameron and his friends decide to help the Autobots. The only way for that to happen was tha Ratchet created robotic suits and truned the Autobots into devices called Auto-souls. And by the leadership of Cameron. The Transformrangers where born

Age :16

First Appearance: Transformranger #1, Dave Felis advetures of sly cooper 1-3

Enemies: Decepticons army, Megatron

Weapons: Star Saber, The Matrix of Leadership

Mecha: Optimus Prime


  • Cameron was orginally a  Hedgehog and Cybertronian but that idea was scrapped
  • Cameron is the first OC (Original Character) in the Dave Felis Adventures Series (guest star or otherwise) to actually speak, rather than have most of what he says manifest itself in the form of renegade subtitles.
    • He is also the first OC in the entire Adventures Of Series franchise to have an actual voice (however, he did not officially speak until after Masami commented on Cameron's explanation of what was going on when Charlie, Dave, and Team C.A.T. faced Cameron's robot clone).