Celestia was a character from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who ruled Equestria, first debuting in the Dave Felis vs Sly Cooper Trilogy
Celes transformation 5

Princess Celestia, Ruler of Equestria

. She soon took the form of a Seijuujin (Not a REAL Seijuujin, mainly because she is immune to the Smoke) dubbing herself as Celes, master wielder of the Sun and Moon who drove off the Evilators. Celes at first distrusted the other heroes (mainly Sawyer for judging Dave terribly in Dave Felis' Adventures of Bambi), even pinning Brandon under her staff. She only trusts them when they mention Dave's "Delusions of a talking t-rex fossil". After gaining her trust, they follow her to her garden, where she trains Team C.A.T. the power of the Dinozone- the spirit of the animal all humans have within them. All of the Rangers, went through a bad start at first. But the next day, the dino knight's spirits gave team c.a.t. their blessing in robes. However, Celes said that if she left the platform, she will rapidly age is she goes near the monolith. She is allowing Team C.A.T. to have the Dinozone in order to fufill the profecy of gaining the power with no fear of any time limit or having to deal with the energy of the crystals fading. And saying that the DIno Knights will watch over you no matter what, Celes revert back to her Alicorn self and flew off.
Celes transformation 1

Celes, Master Wielder of the Sun and Moon (Celestia's alter-ego)

Celes transformation 3

Celes in mid-transformation

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