Cleo 5-1-

The pinkie pie/fluttershy of C.A.T.

Cleo Felis, the Felis' little sister AKA BistoWhite

Ability: She can change her body mass, but without changing her body size.

Likes: Pizza, Dave Felis and his friends, the Baby Peterson cartoons, Awesome Things,Riding Vehicles,Becoming WWE Champion,Crushes, Marriage/Weddings, Toons, The Three Stooges, Cartoons, The Mist, and Movies.

Disikes: The Toad Empire, The Smoke, The Dip, and Dead Villians

Weapons: A Nunchuck Baseball Bat, A Heat Seeker Laser Gun, and A Gold Shield but Girl Style.

1st Appearance of Cleo Felis: Dave Felis Adventures of Tweety's High-Flying Adventure

Love Interest: Jack "Lucky" Pota.


Individual MechaMon

  • RabbitMech->FemmeNinjaMech
  • PolarBearMech

SympaLinx MechaMonEdit

  • PolarKnightMech (FemmeNinjaMech+PolarBearMech)

Auxiliary MechaMonEdit

  • PenguinMech
  • SnowmobileMech

BioFuse ArmorEdit

  • BistoWhite Arctic Mode (Cleo+PolarKnightMech+PenguinMech+SnowmobileMech)

Arctic Memory MechaMonEdit

The Arctic Memory MechaMon are special MechaMon sealed in memory cards that resemble ice crystals. Each of them can come into existence when the cards are plugged into the compatible MechaMon. The MechaSoul of the card in use takes control of the MechaMon it's plugged into and turns them into ice-powered versions of themselves.

  • HuskyMech Memory+WolfMech=HuskyMech
  • IceDragonMech Memory+DragonMech=IceDragonMech
  • WhiteLionMech Memory+LionMech=WhiteLionMech
  • BlizzardFalconMech Memory+FalconMech=BlizzardFalconMech
  • SnowPixieMech Memory+PixieMech=SnowPixieMech
  • WinterUnicornMech Memory+UnicornMech=WinterUnicornMech
Cleo Felis as a Pony

This is Cleo Felis as a Pony.


  • Though Cleo has a love for animals (including hugging wallabies), she can be absent minded and a scatterbrain.
  • She is the first (and currently only) member of Team C.A.T. to have her own MechaMon.
    • She is also the only MechaMon Tamer so far to BioFuse with a SympaLinx MechaMon.
      • Her BioFuse Armor is also unique in the fact that it's primarily referred to as a power-up mode for her warrior form and requires all her MechaMon.
  • Cleo is also the only member of Team C.A.T. besides her brotherRyo, and Masami to have support monsters. Interestingly enough, she has more support monsters than her brother despite being younger than him.