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The Tokusouldier Crossover Promo.

Dave Felis' Adventures is the next Pooh's Adventures crossover spin-off series that is created by Legoland1085, scripted by Legoland1085, TheGr8estOne, and Wrestlemaniac829. Unlike Pooh's Adventures, it became more action-based and have expanded characters, Online characters, and many transformations. As our heroes battle against the Evil Empire of Komplex, Kin, and the true big bad, Diamond Ryugu


This series starts when Dave Felis, the 91st Descendant of the Ice Sphinxes of Mugen, and his anthromorphic animal friends in an alternate reality where anthromorphic animal toons (from different demgraphs) coexist with humans have their planet under attack by an evil group of Dark toons codenamed "The Toad Empire" Led by the Toad A.I. Program "KOMPLEX". Luckily, Dave Felis and his friends use ancient crystals that gave them the power to transform into the Superanimal Fast-Food Fighting Force (Sooner or later transform into DinoZaur-like warriors near the end of Dave Felis vs Sly Cooper Trilogy) and foiled the Toad's plans of turning Earth into a swamp while they try to put their differences aside. However, there is a more powerful threat than anyone else encounter before called the "Baireno", led by Kin Einmortal and the true villians of the series who act as overseers, the Dragozaurs led by former Goddess of the Void "Daimond Ryugu".