Dragozaur High Council's SUPPREME COMMANDER

Scar/Drago Malicron


BEAST MODE; African Lion (Outsider)

WEAPONS; Bone Collector Cannon, Plasma Battle Axe, Tail Mace

SPECIAL CAPABILITIES; Can use Bone Collector Cannon to create and fire off virtually any kind of munition he has recorded data on (said data stored within the Data Shells, he is limited to five different types of munition at anytime).

After his death as Scar in the Pridelands, he was reformmatted by Diamond Ryugu into the Mammal Dragozaur, Malicron. As Malicron, he had been sneering to the fact of Dave taking down the Baireno's Karkats.

Despite his death by the Swarm, Malicron returns in Dave Felis goes Beyond the Alley of the Dolls in full immunity to everything (not even Brandon's outsmarting techniques can stop this.)

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