Dragozaur High Council's SECOND IN COMMAND & SCIENTIST

Shere Kahn/ Drago Predatron


BEAST MODE; African Tiger

WEAPONS; Deathly Hollow Claws, Tail Whip, Ifrit's Rage Engine (allows him to breath fire)

SPECIAL CAPABILITIES; Can make his armor heat up to unfathomable temperatures for a few minutes (using this ability drains much of his robot mode energy reserves).

In the Dave Felis series, Shere Khan will appear as a member of the Dragozaurs, having been reformmatted by them into the Dragozaur Mammal, Predatron. Hearing Scar's rant of how Dave was able to defeat the Karkats, he reassured him that it was the power of the crystals as Dave's strength is "not his own."

Despite his death by laughter, Drago Predatron didn't stay dead for long. He will return in Dave Felis goes Beyond the Alley of the Dolls.

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