Jerry the Fox

The Physically Abused Henchman.

Jerry the Fox is Lord Tategami's brother-in-law and physically abused henchman. He will be voiced by TheCameronInc.


Jerry's history beyond episode 1 is unknown other than the fact that he married Lord Tategami's sister and had no choice but to join him.


Jerry is dim-witted, sickly, and pathetic. His interests include donuts, ice-cream, snorkling, and visiting Acapulco. His list of dislikes include being blasted by Daidoji, being tossed in the shark tank, salad, and Daidoji in general. Daidoji and Jerry's conflicts make them the Snaptrap and Larry of the Tokusouldier series (Daidoji=Snaptrap/Jerry=Larry).

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