Kyoya Shiba

The third member.

Kyoya Shiba (a.k.a. TokusouYellow) is the third member of the team. He made his debut in Episode 3: The Party Dude Who Graduated The National University: Enter, TokusouYellow!!


Kyoya was once a scientist at the national university. After graduation, he decided to travel the world and gain inspiration for future inventions. On the tenth day of his journey, he was abducted by E.V.I.L.E. He later learned their intentions and fought against them, only to be rescued by Brandon and Ryotaro . After he proved his worth, he joined the team as TokusouYellow. After Takashi joined the team, he and Kyoya began an intense rivalry (granted that both are great inventors from the same university). While both of their intellects are the same level, Kyoya relies on common sense to help describe the situation whilst Takashi uses complex theories.


TokusouYellow Armor

Kyoya's armor.

Kyoya is somewhat of a party dude. He (like all toons) is also afraid of the dip.


Yellow Battlemech

Kyoya's Battlemech.

Kyoya pilots the Yellow Battlemech.


Individual MechaMonEdit

  • LionMech

SympaLinx MechaMonEdit

  • KaiserMech (LionMech+FalconMech)(Shared with Takashi).
  • ShakkouMech (LionMech+EagleMech)(Shared with TokusouBrown).

Auxiliary MechaMonEdit

  • TurtleMech
  • DragsterMech

BioFuse ArmorEdit

  • ManticoreMech (Kyoya+LionMech).