Lord Daidoji Tategami

The Lord of E.V.I.L.E.

Lord Daidoji Tategami (soon to be known as TokusouKiller) is the main antagonist of Ninjitsu Sentai Tokusouldier and the lord of E.V.I.L.E. He makes his debut in the first episode and will be voiced by TheCameronInc.


His history beyond the first episode is unknown, other than the fact that he was originally a member of the Star Bird Military School and was a good guy back then.


Lord Tategami is whiny, incompetent, arrogant, cowardly,
TokusouKiller Warrior Mode

Tategami's Armor.

unintelligent, sarcastic, temperamental, sadistic, grim, gritty, dark, and completely PSYCHO. If one is to upset him, he would either blast them or throw them into the shark tank. Ironically, he's an eagle that's allergic to mice. He also puts emphasis on one word, during which, his eyes spiral around until he is finished saying the word. He also has a slight lisp. And every time he is defeated, he says "I will now, plot my revenge!!!". He is incredibly vindictive and will get his revenge on anyone who defeats him. He is obessed with ruling the universe. However, during his time at Star Bird Military School, he was friendly and full of confidence. It wasn't until his post-graduation ceremony when he went through the Jeckylle-to-Hyde personality switch. The jet he chose rejected him. This made him feel as if the universe rejected him and filled him with an ever-growing vendetta towards the universe. He also grew to hate toons (despite being one himself). However, he was completely unaware he was a toon all along. After a jet-propelled steamroller ran over him in the 12 Years Later arc, he survived, realizing that he was a toon all along. This made him even less connected to reality, giving him a boost in confidence and reverting him back to the deranged psychopath he was in the regular Tokusouldier series. He let Brandon watch as his teammates died and tried to kill him in the most agonizing way possible. However, when Brandon used a boxing glove mallet to open the valve on the back of the DipTank, Tategami remembered that he was a toon and that the dip could kill toons. At that point, it was revealed that Tategami feared his own death, for he screamed in horror as he melted away.