Miyoko Amano

The Second Femme Tokusouldier.

Miyoko Amano (a.k.a. TokusouCobalt) is the sixth member of the team. She will make her debut in Episode 6: The Female Warriors Part 2: Enter, TokusouCobalt!!


She was a member of the Tokusouldier fan-club along with Hannah Garcia. Hannah was a snobish member of the club who doubted Miyoko would ever join the Tokusouldiers. After Miyoko proved her worth, Hannah became so jealous that she (literally) exploded with rage. After that, Hannah was never seen or heard from again. Soon, Miyoko revealed that she was the daughter of a wizard (who's name escapes me at the moment) and that she joined the team just for the sake of getting close
TokusouCobalt Armor

Miyoko's armor.

to Brandon.


Miyoko is excitable, bubbly, brave, and sweet. She acts like this to get Brandon's attention (often giving him discomfort instead). Like other toons, she is also afraid of the dip.

In the Dave Felis vs. Sly Cooper trilogy, she's also revealed to be very quick at figuring things out when Brandon acted strangely in front of the villains near the climax of the film. She was the first one of the heroes to figure out Brandon's plan to make the villains laugh themselves dead. But she does not realise that the Dragozaurs will return and that this is only the beginning.


Cobalt Rescuemechs -1-5

Miyoko's Cobalt Rescuemechs.

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Miyoko has five mechas called the Cobalt Rescuemechs. The Rescuemechs are repaints of the original Battlemechs that have no individual warrior modes. Miyoko controls them all at once by piloting Rescuemech #1 (the jet).


Since her debut, she has been particularly fond of Brandon. In the Dave Felis vs. Sly Cooper Trilogy, Ryo asks her what she sees in him. Miyoko responds that she likes him because he makes her laugh and because he makes such great peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


Individual MechaMonEdit

  • UnicornMech

SympaLinx MechaMonEdit

  • KnightMech (WolfMech+UnicornMech)(Shared with Brandon).
  • FemmeKnightMech (UnicornMech+FoxMech)(Shared with TokusouNavy).

Auxiliary MechaMonEdit

  • MoleMech
  • BattleTankMech

BioFuse ArmorEdit

  • CentaurMech (Miyoko+UnicornMech).