Mobibendum is a metalic substance feature in the Dave Felis vs. Sly Cooper Trilogy. Though twice as powerful as toontanium, but not as flexible as rubber.


In the Dave Felis DimensionEditEdit

Mobibendum is more commonplace on Planet Mobius and was used for weapons, badniks, and mechas.

In the Transformranger DimensionEditEdit

All members of Team C.A.M.S. admitted that they had no idea what Mobibendum was. This implies that either they never heard of it, it has yet to be discovered in their dimesion, or it doesn't exist in their dimension.

In the Tokusouldier DimensionEditEdit

While Toontanium exists in the Tokusouldier dimension, it's possible that its version of Mobius possess Mobibendum.


Mobibendum has near-infinite uses.

In the Dave Felis Dimension/MobiusEditEdit

Commonly used by Mobians, Overlanders, and Humans for technology. Despite Dave's team had very little success with finding a substance that's similarly strong as Toontanium, he manage to use Mobibendum, mixed with the completely hardest substance Diamondius, to become Diamobibendius. When they used it, they gain access to a JiyuuZone Power-Up,Rebel Mode.

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