Early Ancestors of Man

Overlanders were the early ancestors of the humans in the Dave Felis Universe and of the humans most dreadful sins.


When the One created the universe, he created the shape of himself as Overlanders and created their home planet Eden. Although they had every advantage, they are cruel, greedy, malice, and dominating since birth. When they saw the Seijuujins were in the One's favor, they raided their planet Mugen and sided with Chernabog. Only most of the Overlanders (like Merlin and Yen Sid) fought with the side of the One. After the first cartoonian War, the corrupted Overlanders tried to apologise, but they were too late when they killed 75% of the Seijuujins and the Equestrians. They were punished by being banished from Eden, forgotten all memory of their technology, and banished them they were. When the corrupted Overlanders saw Diamond Ryugu emerged from his prison in hell and his draining of planet Mugen, the Overlanders worshiped Ryugu as their god. In proposal, Ryugu modified the corruped overlanders into Dragozaurs. Among the Overlanders was Gigano, King of the Overlanders who became Gigano Dragon.

Known former Overlanders turned DragozaurEdit

  • Gigano Dragon
  • Drago Wing