Ryotaro Hagane

The secondary protagonist.

Ryotaro Hagane (a.k.a. TokusouRed) is the secondary protagonist of Ninjitsu Sentai Tokusouldier. He was also the second member of the team to appear. He made his debut in Episode 2: The Team Takes Form: Enter, TokusouRed!! and will be voiced by legoland1085.


Ryotaro was once a sixteen-year-old shadow agent at the C.I.A. That all changed when he was accused of a crime he didn't commit (murder of the Supreme Commander). Ever since, he's been hiding in the shadows trying to clear his name. Later, he was abducted by E.V.I.L.E. He learned that it was them who commited the crime and had him framed. Outraged, Ryotaro became obsessed with revenge, only to be rescued by Brandon, who recruited him to become TokusouRed. Since then, Ryotaro has been
TokusouRed Armor

Ryotaro's armor

fighting E.V.I.L.E. to clear his name and expose the true criminal. He often abuses Brandon's intelligence and calls him a nerd (much to Brandon's annoyance).


Ryotaro is dark, brooding, mysterious, cocky, and sneaky. He shares some personality traits with Raphael from the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Despite his Japanese origins, he speaks in a New York accent (mostly because he's been in New York longer than he's been in Japan). He also enjoys calling Brandon a nerd. This annoys Brandon very much. Despite his cockiness, he (like other toons) fears the dip.


Red Battlemech

Ryotaro's Battlemech.

Ryotaro pilots the Red Battlemech.


Individual MechaMonEdit

  • DragonMech

SympaLinx MechaMonEdit

  • NinjaMech (DragonMech+PixieMech)(Shared with Mei).
  • SheriffMech (DragonMech+ImpMech)(Shared with TokusouMagenta).

Auxiliary MechaMonEdit

  • ArmadilloMech
  • JumboJetPlaneMech

BioFuse ArmorEdit

  • TyrannoMech (Ryotaro+DragonMech).