The Smoke

Every Pure-blooded Seijuujins' nightmare.

The smoke is a black, ghastly chemical loved by no Pure-blooded Seijuujin and feared by all Pure-blooded Seijuujins (except for Mobians). It consists of smog, pencil lead, and eraser shavings. While relatively harmless to humans and regular toons, any Seijuujin that makes contact with it will instantly be reduced to smog particles, making it the only sure-fire way to kill a Pure-blooded Seijuujin. However, due to the Xorda's Gene Bombs that caused Earth to split into Earth and Mobius, the Seijuujins on Mobius soon evolve into Mobians that are immune to the Smoke. With the last of the Seijuujins are extinct, the Smoke ceased to exist or so it seems...