Swarm Particles

This is a close-up of a few Swarm particles. The big one is the boss unit.

The Swarm is a group of sentient microscopic robots loved by no Alienoid (except Diamond Ryugu) and feared by all Alienoids (and Diamond Ryugu at the end of the Dave Felis vs. Sly Cooper trilogy). Alienoids are its' compounds main source of nourishment. It is Diamond Ryugu's preferred method of execution. According to Sam, it's made up of nano-bots that spray dip, micro-bots that spray smoke, and nanites that spray condensed eraser shavings. While relatively harmless to humans, toons, and Seijuujin, any Alienoid that makes contact with the swarm dissolves instantly, making it the only sure-fire way to kill an Alienoid (although Brandon was able to kill off Drago Wing, Thundercackle, Joanna the Moniter Lizard/Drago Bloodshot, and Shere Khan/Drago Predatron die from laughter as their sparks fired out of them). Ironically, Diamond Ryugu fell victim to the swarm after she revealed that she was weak against it as well (she revealed this when she screamed in fear as the swarm was used against her, but Dave believed the Dragozaurs will be back and even Diamond Ryugu will return because she's the actual big bad of Dave Felis' Adventures.)

Known VictimsEdit