Toonjitsu (a.k.a. The Martial Arts Way of the Toons) is a special ninjitsu that can only be mastered by toons. However, Brandon has been able to master it himself (despite being part human). This form of martial arts is both a way of life (as Brandon emphasizes through this quote to those who describe Toonjitsu as nothing more than a fighting style, "Toonjitsu's not just a fighting style, IT'S A WAY OF LIFE!!!!!") and a fighting style (although it's more like a series comedic stunts than a series of furious fighting skills). Dave is apparently very familiar with it, as he was able to recognize it right away the first time he saw Brandon use it.

Known MastersEdit

Brandon The Hedgehog-(he's the first toon/seijuujin/human hybrid to officially master it)

The ToonrangersEdit










Known Unofficial MastersEdit

Samantha the Winged Unicorn-(she prefers to use her magic over Toonjitsu)

Daniel the Hedgehog-(he's not very good at it)

Brandy Harrington-(despite her potential, she refuses to use it even if her life depended on it)

Mr. Whiskers-(he's too unpredictable)

Sam & Max-(they're too reckless)

Danny Cat-(he's not fast enough)

Sawyer Cat-(she's too skeptical to recognize it as martial arts)

Dave Felis-(he apparently knows a great deal about it, as he was able to immediately recognize it the first time he witnessed Brandon use it)

Ryo Vulpes-(he's too clumsy)

Masami Hedgehog-(he fails to see any point in it)

Ryan Stark-(he's too serious)

Cleo Felis-(she's too absent-minded)

Jack 'Lucky' Porter-(he's too sane)

Jake Felis-(he has too much going on in his head to focus)